Speaker Sessions

Granary Room – Free to attend unless noted

2019 Award winning ciders

Geoff Griggs + winning cidermakers

1.30 - 2pm

Includes tasters of winning ciders (limited to 40)


Geoff Griggs will be speaking about the 2019 award winning ciders and why they've won.

History of Babycham and Early Advertising of Cider

Trevor FitzJohn

2.15 - 2.45pm


Trevor FitzJohn is an artisan cider maker in Wairarapa. Originally from UK he has a heritage in cider drinking! Trevor and his wife created TeePee Ciders to explore making West Country Cider from the Golden Age here in Aotearoa.

Cider initially was a local product to a village being a rural product. It did not need advertising. Locals knew who made the best cider! As at first horse and coach and then rail opened up the market to drinkers from towns and industrial cities far away from cider's rural roots advertising was needed to introduce this new drink in competition with beer. Advertising was initially in newspapers and other print media but radio and television became key platforms especially with the launch of Babycham in the UK. The first drink to be marketed to women. With advertising came merchandising. This talk will cover the progression through to modern social media. 

Exploring Cider Styles

Cider Experts Panel Discussion

3.15 - 3.45pm

Includes tasters (limited to 40)


Cider is just cider right? Not true! Explore the huge range of different cider styles with our expert panel who have years of experience making, judging, analysing and tasting cider. From funky, bone dry, wild fermented, sour, tannic to fruity, juicy, sweet and ice. Learn what to look for in a cider, and how to better understand cider styles and complexities.


Geoff Griggs

Will chair this session. Geoff is very articulate at describing characteristics of cider and has a deep knowledge of the drink.


Alex Peckham

Has extensive experience as a cidermaker using different cider apples and has in depth knowledge of what to look for in a cider and how to achieve certain characteristics and how to avoid faults.


Dylan Jauslin

Dylan is a cider judge and the manager of Golding's Free Dive bar in Wellington. He spends his weekends cultivating a small cider orchard.


Annika Naschitzki

Annika set up and ran Tiamana Brewing. Having downsized her brewery, she is now experimenting with making cider and fruit wine.

Pairing Cider with Food

Caroline Peckham – Peckhams Cider

4.15pm - 5pm

$5.00 charge for food and cider tasters

Cider is a most wonderful accompaniment to a wide range of foods. With its range of qualities from dry, acidic, austere, to fruity, rich, intense, cider can match up superbly to many different accompaniments. In this session, Caroline Peckham will talk you through why and how cider is so versatile and how best to match it with different styles of food.

Craft French Pates

Thorvald Cheese

Moutere Strawberries

NZ King Salmon

Bratwurst Grill Salami 

The New Zealand Cider Festival is a family-friendly event. Under 18s are free when accompanied by a paying adult.
You must be over 18 to consume alcohol and legal photo identification may be required.


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The NZ Cider Festival has received sponsorship funding for this year’s event from the Nelson Events Marketing & Development Programme, which is funded by the Nelson City Council. The Programme’s objective is to stimulate Nelson City’s economy in the shoulder and off seasons by bringing new spending through visitors coming to Nelson for distinct events.


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