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Check out which Cider Makers are attending the 2023 NZ Cider Festival below!

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Peckham's Cidery & Orchard

Peckham’s Cider was invented by serial experimenters Alex and Caroline. Wanting to make some proper cider, we planted a few cider trees back in 2004. Most of the early planting succumbed to hungry goats, but this didn’t stop us being drawn in to the magic of grafting, training and harvesting; before long we had created a diverse and beautiful cider orchard which we continue to evolve.

Once the harvests began, each one different, the extent of the cidermaking possibilities became increasingly apparent and we began to create. Now a decade and a half later, armed with solid experience, the breadth of our creative momentum continues to grow and we are release an unparalleled range of exciting ciders each year.

A few years ago we decided to let the fantastic Moutere terroir shine through unhindered and we have ditched the packets of commercial yeasts.

Our mission is to explore what cider can be. The possibilities are endless.

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