Cider Sessions

Speaker sessions held in the Newmans Bus Shed - Free to attend unless otherwise stated.

1:30 PM

Award-Winning Ciders


Come along and hear who this year's winners were in the Cider NZ Annual Awards and why the judges chose them. Includes (limited to 40 people) tasters of winning ciders.

Gabe Bio Shot.jpg
2:15 PM

Gabe Cook
'The Ciderologist'

Cider Around The World


Gabe Cook is The Ciderologist, an award-winning, global cider expert attempting to change the way the world thinks and drinks cider.  Part of Gabe's journey on the path getting paid to talk about cider was working for cideries and wineries right here in Nelson between 2013 and 2015.  As well as chairing a number of cider competitions, Gabe is a cider writer, educator, industry consultant and the de facto “go to” independent voice on all matters cider.


Catch Gabes (live stream!) talk at the festival on the following topics:

  • Updates on what is happening in the world of cider – global trends etc

  • Discuss cider making and winemaking similarities & importance of apple variety

  • Where NZ sits in the world of cider

  • Then there will be a chance for a live Q&A session with Gabe!

3:00 PM

Ed Briem

League of Brewers

Making Cider at Home


Ed started his brewing career eagerly making up batches of wines and spirits but refused to bother making beer until he tried a homebrew he liked. A bottle or two of Mike's partial extract Munich Dunkel back in 2008 rapidly changed that, and in the years since it's been rare that he has had an empty fermenter for more than a few days. Ed follows most of the major brewing podcasts and is always keen to try new techniques and ingredients.


Ed will talk you through the secret steps to create your perfect homemade Cider.

Cider Maker Comp Social 1080px2.jpg
4:00 PM

Live Judging of the 2020 Amateur Cider Maker Competition


This will be a fun one to watch;

A panel of Cider judges will debate the entries and crown our first ever NZ Amateur Cider Maker!