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Free to attend, unless otherwise stated

2023 Amateur Cider Maker Logo Full Colou


Live Judging of the 2023 Amateur Cider Maker Competition


This will be a fun one to watch;

A panel of Cider judges will debate the entries and crown our first ever NZ Amateur Cider Maker!

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Spanish Cider Long Pour with Gabe Cook ‘The Ciderologist’


Do you think you've got what it takes to be an expert cider pourer?  We're not talking about any old pour here, we're talking the Spanish Long Pour! Why not show us your skill, accuracy and flair at pouring cider from a great height. In Spain this is considered a great skill, so do you have what it takes?  

(Sympathy bonus points may be awarded if you accidentally pour it over yourself!)



Award-Winning Ciders


Come along and hear who this year's winners were in the Cider NZ Annual Awards and why the judges chose them. Includes (limited to 40 people) tasters of winning ciders.

For more information about the NZ Fruit Wine and Cider Awards click here

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