Bohemian Cider


Original Cyn

Wild fermented Granny Smith and Fuji Cider – Alc 4%

This is the Cider you’ve been waiting for. We’ve used a mash up of traditional and contemporary techniques to craft a cider that’s luscious and fruity, but with enough crispness and complexity to create a real flavour sensation. Supremely Sessionable!


Twig and Berries

Oak Aged Cider with Black Currant – Alc 4%

There’s something amazing about the flavour combination of rich velvety berries, and creamy vanilla oak.  This Cider brings intriguing gooseberry and passionfruit flavours of Canterbury Blackcurrants, together with of creamy vanilla and rose. Yum.


Tamarillo Amarillo

Cider with Hops and Tamarillo – Alc 4%

This is flavour innovation at its finest! It might seems like a crazy combo, but the savoury character of  tamarillo loves the tropical citrus notes of Hops. The Tamarillo also gives this cider an ethereal pink colour. A beverage you won’t experience every day. 


Oatmeal Cookie

Cider with Oats and Cinnamon – Alc 4%

A slightly sweeter style of Cider which will take you back to Nana’s baking, or breakfast on a crisp winter’s morning. The Oats give the cider a nice rich maltiness, and the lingering flavour of the cinnamon will draw you back for another dram!


Acid Drop

Cider with Lemon & Lime – Alc 4%

It was an easy choice to take some awesome Matakana citrus juice and zest and blend it with our oak aged cider to create the Acid Drop It kind of reminds us of a combination of  Limoncello and Prosecco.  Zingy, refreshing and perfect for sipping in the sun with the sand between the toes. Cheers!


Capital Cider Co.


Classic – Alc 5.0% 

A generous, medium-sweet cider. Nelson apples with a touch of residual sugar that pumps the fruit to the fore. Sweeter than a K.I.S.S.



Kaffir Lime Juniper & Lemon – Alc 5.8%

For all you citrus & botanical fans out there. A vibrant refreshing style - for hot summer days.



Mixed Berry – Alc 5.6%

We took our fresh apple base and mingled with a mix of five Nelson berries. Its that Simple. Enjoy!  


Tokyo Rose

Akane Cider – Alc 6.5%

A seasonal cider that is unusually aromatic with nuances of jasmine and lychee, coupled with strawberry. The palate, though dry, is dominated by this perfumed fruit salad. The finish lingers much longer than is decent!


BFF (Bano – f – fee!)  

Alc 5.5%

Fresh banana, coconut sugar and a smidge of vanilla, what’s not to like!

Your new Best Friend.



Alc 5.5%

Sunny looking and perky tasting our Tangelo and Turmeric is packed full of good vibes and health benefits.

Fortune Favours 


The Sunchaser

Cider with Blueberries – Alc 4.7%

It takes months of summer sunshine to grow an apple. As you’re heading home from another day of sea and sun, those apples are ripening on the tree, capturing the flavours of another Kiwi summer. We’ve taken New Zealand Pacific Rose, Fuji, and Royal Gala apples, crushed and fermented them, and then added the juicy sweetness and acidity of blueberries for an balanced cider with crisp flavour and a medium finish.


The Brightsider

Apple Cider – Alc 4.7%

Our base apple cider at its finest. We’ve taken New Zealand Pacific Rose, Fuji, and Royal Gala apples, crushed and fermented them, and then added the juicy sweetness and acidity of blueberries for an balanced cider with crisp flavour and a medium finish.


Good George 

Doris Plum Cider

Alc 4.5%

All the GOODness of our popular cider married up with locally sourced Doris Plums. Hints of plum & fruit, with sweet and sour taste, makes this one dangerously refreshing.


Extra Dry Apple Cider

Alc 4.5%

If this was a wine you’d say it was “anhydrous” but it’s a cider so we’ll avoid the fancy language and simply tell you that it’s very refreshing. Like a slice of cold green apple on a hot day, our extra dry cider is the crisp treat you didn’t know you needed until somebody offered it to you. It’s the first swim of the summer, the cold shower after a 10k run. But don’t come looking for sweetness, you won’t find it here.


Scarlett Peach Cider

Alc 4.5%

‘Moo-vin’ to the country, gonna drink a lot of peaches – the presidents of the USA nailed it with this catchy brainworm of a lyric, which we’ve only slightly mangled to make it sound like they were singing about this cider. It’s made with juicy Scarlett O’Hara peaches, and brings you all the summer fun of eating a peach, minus the tooth-chipping stone and all that creepy fur.



Alc 4.5%

Call of the search: you’ve found your summer drink. While others are fumbling with corks and serrated caps you’ll be half way through a glass of this beautiful Rosé Cider


Harvest Summer Citrus

Alc 2%

Our Harvest Summer Citrus Cider mixed with fresh lemon juice, not concentrate, to create a refreshing low alcohol alternative for everyday occasions.  Sweet at first, with a full body and a clean and fresh citrus finish.  Lower alcohol but not lower flavour!

T&R Strawberry & Lime

Alc 4%

Thomas & Rose Strawberry & Lime Cider with a soft sweet strawberry burst blended with a dash of tangy lime. Our first Thomas & Rose blend that started the dream.  


T&R Apple & Ginger

Alc 4%

Thomas & Rose Apple & Ginger with a bite… The zing of infused ginger blended with crisp East Coast apples makes this a full bodied drink.  Strong ginger nose and palate with the fullness of apples to round it out.


T&R Watermelon & Cucumber

Alc 4%

Thomas & Rose Watermelon & Cucumber - Summer in a bottle.  The blend of Cucumber and Watermelon is unconventional yet, truly sensational. Slight pink colour with a fruity nose.  Juicy melon fills your mouth with a fresh and crisp finish from cucumber.


T&R Nashi & Passionfruit

Alc 4%

Thomas & Rose Nashi & Passionfruit - Fresh apple cider at only 4% abv mixed with fresh nashi pear juice and real passionfruit.  Light, fruity and floral on the nose.  Leading into an upfront sweet palate from the nashi with a clean acid finish from the tart passionfruit.


Havest Apple Cider

Alc 4.7%

Harvest Apple Cider has been blended to appeal.  Pale straw in colour, fresh with the aromatic quality of summer apples and the backbone of winter apples’ acidity.  It has a balanced fresh, crisp flavour with length.

Hemp Cider

Alc 6.0%

ProHempBition - Gissy Grown Hemp on  Gissy apple cider.  Deep gold, underlying ripe apple gives way to Chamomile, dry hay, subtle citrus and a hint of turkish delight.  Palate bursting with citrus. Soft and full  mouth feel, with good supporting acid and a seam of tannin to dry the finish.


Hop Cider

Alc 6.0%   

ProHopBition - Gissy Hops on Gissy Cider. Pale straw,  citrus and floral hoppy aromatics, subtle stonefruit.  Cider is delicate, showcasing the hop aroma. Off dry with plenty of acid.


Strongbow Blossom Rose

Alc 8.2%

Strongbow Blossom Rose - This is s the co-fermentation of Apple with Elderberry. This gives an approachable apple cider with a gently vinous bouquet. The addition of elderberry gives the cider a soft orange/pink colour.

Left Branch Cider.JPG

Left Branch Cider


Real Feijoa

Alc 5.2%

The true taste of tasman feijoas.  (BERRY)



Alc 5.3% 

Simply apple cider, slightly dry and sharp apple new world cider 


Real Boysenberry

Alc 4.0%

The true taste of fresh Tasman boysenberries on top of the apple base. Dark rich colour, great in a vanilla ice-cream spider. 



Alc 4.4%

Sweeter and aromatic, tasting of fresh strawberries. Alone the perfect Summer drink. 



Alc 4.5%

the ginger has selted please invert bottle, ginger lovers delight, Cider based with the taste of your mothers ginger beer recipe from a long time ago. 


Rochdale Cider


Alc 4.5%

Rochdale Classic Apple Cider is a sparkling straw colour, with crisp acidity balanced by the sweetness of tree-ripened apples. Full bodied on the palate, it has a smooth finish with notes of buttery vanilla. With the distinctive taste of apples, this well balanced Classic Apple Cider is brewed without any added preservatives, sulphites or sugar.



Alc 4.5%

Rochdale Pear Cider exhibits low acidity and a juicy, fruit driven palate. Smooth, soft and well-rounded in style, a gentle effervescence ensures a flowing texture is maintained from the first sip. The bouquet is full of fresh, sun ripened fruit, with a balanced, subtle dryness. Crafted with no added preservatives or sugar, our Pear Cider is brewed for people who enjoy the good life.



Alc 4%

Everyone knows that gingers are the life of any good shindig, and our Ginger & Lime Cider is the guest of honour! Starting with a traditional cider base, made from the juiciest tree-ripened apples imaginable, we then add an infusion of ginger and lime, resulting in a sophisticated brew that’s sure to have your taste buds dancing the night away!



Alc 4%

Blending the vibrant flavours of raspberries, boysenberries and blackcurrants with a delicious apple base, our Three Berries Cider is made from the finest ingredients, using the most natural process imaginable. The result is a full-bodied yet delicately refined brew with a big, ‘jammy’ taste.



Alc 4%

Sweet tropical flavours of coconut and vanilla: think pineapple and frangipani scents, carried on a kiwi apple cider; instantly warming.



Alc 4%

Sweet jammy strawberries, reigned in with a subtle rich flavour tang of passionfruit, complimenting a kiwi apple cider.



Alc 4%

Who doesn’t like a good mojito? The team have infused crisp apple cider with crushed mint and lime juice. A sell-out hit at recent festivals, this is a perfect refresher under the hot Nelson sun.



Alc 4.5%

Fresh raspberries and pear drops on the nose give way to a medium dry perry cider with half the sweetness of standard ciders.

Guilt free summer sipping – to be enjoyed under a shady tree on a sunny day.

Morning Cider Co.



Alc 4.9%

New world, dry & crisp fun sessionable cider.


Apple IPA


Infused cider. Crispy & heavy dry cider infused with IPA hops.


Strawberry Rose'


Strawberry & peach infused pink & sassy rose' cider.

Pineapple & jalapeño

Alc 4%

Sweet & spicy tropical inspired cider.

Mussell Inn.png

The Mussel Inn

Apple Roughy

Alc 5%

New world cider style made from 80% Granny Smith and 20% Sturmer

Medium dry crowd pleaser

Home Block

Alc 6.8%

Made from 100% fruit grown at the Mussel Inn. Lost of sturmers, quite a few Grannies and a goodly amount of Wrights Scarlet crab apples. Dryish full apple flavour.

Grapefruit Roughy

Alc 5.5%

Apple Roughy plus Pink Grapefruit juice


Lime Roughy

Alc 4.6%

Apple Roughy plus lime juice



Alc 5%

Apple Roughy with chilli


Freckled Frog

Alc 5%

!00% Feijoa. Medium dry.

Old Mill Cider


0.5% Cider with Boysenberry 

Alc 0.5%

Full of the sweet summer flavours and aromas of freshly picked Berries, for your enjoyment anytime. Crafted from luscious Nelson grown Fruit, no added sugar, Gluten Free, suitable for vegans.



Alc 4%

An elegant, light and refreshing crisp Apple Cider with a splash of Raspberry juice. Enjoy chilled, crafted from the finest locally grown Apples and Raspberries, Gluten Free, suitable for vegans.


KisU Black 

Alc 5%

A refreshing sparkling Cider, with rich Blackberry and Boysenberry flavour, which comes from rich Berries grown in Nelsons Moutere Valley, famous for producing the finest of fruit, Gluten Free, suitable for vegans.

KisU Blonde

Alc 5%

Sparkling Apple Cider with a crisp and refreshing, sweet and tart Apple taste, which comes from rich Apples grown in Nelsons Moutere Valley, this delicious cider has no added sugar, Gluten Free, suitable for vegans.

KisU Ice

Alc 10%

Intense still Ice Cider, made using a special blend of sweet and tart Moutere grown Apples and the magic of Ice, used to intensify the Apple juice prior to fermentation and resulting in a naturally sweet and slightly tart taste experience, no added sugar, Gluten Free, suitable for vegans.

Old Mout Cider

Redwood Old Country Dry Festival Cider

Alc 6.5%

A dry, cloudy style made from local Nelson cider apples. We have added a touch of Herefordshire bittersweet cider apple juice at blending and left it unfiltered.


Orchard Thieves Crisp Apple Cider

Alc 4.5%

Orchard Thieves is pressed from the finest apples, thieved from orchards around New Zealand to create a distinctive, smooth cider that delivers a crisp apple taste with a distinctive fruit aroma.


Orchard Thieves Berry Cider

Alc 4.0%

New to the Orchard Thieves range, this apple cider is blended with a fusion of strawberry, raspberry & blueberry. With medium sweetness and a refreshing balance, it’s summer in a glass! 


Monteiths Dark Fruits & Cider

Alc 4.5%

Our Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider, perfectly blended with blackcurrant, blackberry and plum for easy drinking refreshment. 


Old Mout Scrumpy & Blackcurrant

Alc 8.3%

A big character, with an even bigger flavour. With a blend of apples and blackcurrants this delicious flavour is a crowd pleaser. A full bodied scrumpy style, with a refreshing taste. 


Old Mout Classic Feijoa

Alc 5.0%

The most unique taste in our Old Mout Cider range, nothing matches the tang of feijoa. Combined with crisp apple cider, this light and bright kiwi classic hits the right not every time. 

Paynters Cider

The Huntress

Medium Cider – Alc 5% 

The Huntress contains 400 seedling apple varieties and about 20% traditional cider apples. Aromas of honeysuckle and

clementine. The complex palate finishes with cider apple tannins and a cleansing bitterness. 

2019 BGNZA Trophy – Cider & Perry


The Pilgrim

Dry Cider – Alc 5.7% 

A bold cider containing about 50% traditional cider apples.  25% of the blend underwent malolactic fermentation and exposure to French oak. The cider apple calling cards of tannins, phenolics and a touch of bitterness are apparent.


Paynter’s Cider 2015

Medium Dry Cider – Alc 5.9% 

2017 Contemporary Cider Trophy winner.  Showing impeccable balance and the benefits of bottle age.  Lock in a glass.


Peckhams Cider



Alc 5.3%

Juicy Nelson boysenberries against a medium dry cider background.


Brown’s Apple

Alc 4.9%

Single variety cider with a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity, and oodles of fruit.



Alc 7.9%

Full bodied cider fermented with fresh, spicy cayenne peppers.


Earth and Fire

Alc 6.7%

Wild fermented Kingston Black apples with a touch of cider caramelised over an open fire. Dry, earthy, funky and not for the faint hearted.


Eastern Pathfinder

Alc 7.8%

Dry farmhouse cider wild fermented in oak with whole cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves and allspice. Subtle spicy aromas.



Alc 5.7%

Fresh elderflowers infused in a great cider. Fragrant, floral, delicate and summery.



Alc 5.5%

Good, old fashioned country cider. Rich and juicy with a touch of funk.


Gone West

Alc 9.4%

Kingston Black apples wild fermented and aged in fresh Bourbon whiskey barrels, Dry, strong earth cider with distinct whiskey notes.


Graff no 1

Alc 7%

50:50 wort and apple juice; fermented and aged in an oak barrel. Our collaboration with Dunedin based Cell Division Brewery. Different and delicious!



Alc 5.5%

Robust cider infused with a load of aromatic Motueka hops. Tons of citrus notes.


Sweet Frenchie

Alc 5%

Wild fermented French style cider. Natural apple sweetness with notes of orange blossom, honeycomb and pear.


The Bee’s Knees

Alc 9.9%

Wild fermented in oak with pure Buller Bush honey. Dry, rich, strong cider overlain with delicious honey notes.


Who is Mr Brown?

Alc 6.5%

Single variety Brown’s apple cider, fermented with wild yeasts and brettanomyces to give a bone dry, barnyardy, farmhousey cider.


Yarlington Mill

Alc 5.1%

Single variety, wild fermented in oak. Ripe apple, butterscotch, raisin, liquorice and delicate spice.

Rough Hands



Bright – Citrus – Fun – Alc 8%

Exceptional apple cider made from local tree-ripened fruit, infused with our proprietary bright herbal blend packed with 9 traditional herbs, including lots of fresh zest, hibiscus and rhubarb. Sparkles with a sunny afternoon vibe.



Dark – Rich – Complex– Alc 9%

Premium cider from tree-ripened Moutere apples, oak aged with our own dark herbal blend full of 15 exotic herbs and spices including chocolate, artichoke leaf and warm spices. Evokes a mysterious speakeasy feel.



Ice Peach Tea Cider

Alc 4%

By combining the disparate qualities of sophistication and bracing refreshment, peach ice tea makes a perfect partner for South’s fine, dry cider. Crisp acidity from Granny Smith, Braeburn and Pink Lady apples is complemented by delicate notes of white peach and black tea.


Lemonade Cider

Alc 4%

Light, fresh apple base with a crisp citrus acidity. 3.5/5 sweetness. Slightly cloudy. Taste like old fashion lemonade.


Crisp Apple

Alc 5%

For those alarmed by vulgar, sweet concoctions, South presents a dry cider of brilliant clarity brewed from heritage Cox’s Orange apples. Beautifully balanced with a fine acidity, South Cider glows in the glass while supplying the other senses with the perfect level of clean, crisp, refreshment.

S & F - Cider Logo - Black Type White Ba

Sprig and Fern Cider


The Breeze

Alc 5.5%

This fruit cider with Cranberry and Orange juices was lovingly made in conjunction with the good folk at The Breeze for launch at the Annual NZ Cider Festival in Nelson. A combination of fruits and an Apple Cider base make this so refreshing for the Summer.

Mango & Lime Cider

Alc 5.0%

This apple cider base is packed with the sweetness of Magdalena mango and a subtle balance of lime juice. It is sure to be an essential Sprig & Fern staple in your refrigerator. Gently invert the bottle before pouring to get maximum flavour in every mouthful.

Apple Cider

Alc 5.7%

A medium sweet cider traditionally made using Nelson grown apples. Very refreshing with easy drink-ability.

Berry Cider

Alc 4.5%

Tarty, vibrant and moreish... This Berry Cider with berry fruit juices is lovingly crafted by mixing  apple cider with a selection of berry fruit juices giving this award-winner a refreshing and mouth watering taste sensation. A Sprig & Fern classic.




Apple Cider

Alc 5%

Made from Fuji apples sun ripened on our ancestral lands in Nelson. The sweet ripe fruit bouquet is somewhat wine like on the nose. Fresh, crisp apple flavours are well balanced with a residual sweetness and good palate length.

REGION / COUNTRY | Nelson, New Zealand


VINTAGE | 2016

Zeffer Cider Co.png

Zeffer Ciders


Zeffer Crisp Apple Cider

Alc 5%

A classic apple cider and the first we ever crafted. It’s dry, tangy, green apple goodness made from freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples.

Style: Contemporary NZ Cider


Zeffer RoséCider with Berry Infusion

Alc 4.8%

A brand-new cider crafted with freshly crushed Hawke's Bay apples and infused with locally grown cherries and raspberries, this rosécider is beautifully balanced and refreshing.

Style: Cider with fruit


Zeffer Guava and Lime Infused Cider

Alc 4.9%

Crafted from a blend of freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples, vibrant pink guavas and a splash of lime. Delicious tropical notes and a tart finish. Limited seasonal release.

Style: Cider with fruit


Zeffer Passionfruit Infused Cider

Alc 4.8%

A delicious limited seasonal release cider infused with sweet-tart passionfruit and a splash of zesty lime.  Another beautifully balanced cider with a fresh tropical punch.

Style: Cider with fruit


Zeffer Apple Crumble Cider

Alc 5%

A delicious cider and ingenious flavour. A Kiwi classic with many fans (and awards)! Crafted using freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples infused with cinnamon and vanilla. You'll be a convert. 

Style: Cider with Spice, Honey or Botanicals


Zeffer Cidre Demi Sec  (2018)

Alc 4.2%

Champion Cider at the International Cider Awards 17/18 & Trophy winner at the Brewers Guild Awards 18. A medium sweet French Traditional style cider made from 100% cider apples. Wild fermentation stopped early to retain natural sweetness. Elegantly balanced. Very limited supply. Half glass only.

Style: Traditional Cider

The New Zealand Cider Festival is a family-friendly event. Under 18s are free when accompanied by a paying adult.
You must be over 18 to consume alcohol and legal photo identification may be required.


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