Food & Drink

Sample local artisan fare & alternative drink options to compliment your favourite cider

Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Please enjoy our range of local artisan food options provided by local food trucks.

  • Mademoiselle Crepe (V,VG,GF,DF) - Sweet & Savoury French Crepes

  • Viva la Vaca (VG,GF,DF)  - Argentinian BBQ

  • Beat Kitchen - (V,VG,GF,DF) Global Street Food

  • Gelato Roma (DF) - Gelato & Sorbet

  • Umai Oishii - (V,VG,GF,DF) Japanese hot meals and gyoza dumplings

  • Rib Shack - Ribs, Burgers, Hot Chips, Nachos

  • Doner Cult BBQ (V,VG,GF,DF) - Slow-smoked meats & fresh salads

  • Italian Pizza Garage (V,VG,DF)  - Pizza

  • Deano's Dogs - American Hot Dogs & Hot Chips

  • Saeds Falafel (V,VG,DF) -  Falafel pita pockets, charcoal grilled meat

  • The Stoke Cat - Barista Coffee

V = Vegan

VG - Vegetarian

GF - Gluten Free

DF - Dairy Free

Non-Alcoholic Drink Options:

There will be free drinking water available on every Cider Stand and water stations outside around the park. Plus a range of other non-alcoholic options from our food vendors and the Founders Cafe.

Viva La Vaca.jpg

Beer & Wine

S & F - Circular Logo - Black Type White

Sprig and Fern Craft Beer

Sprig & Fern are a local brewery with a passion for quality and consistency! Known for making award-winning beers. The following beers will be available at the festival:

Hazy IPA 5.5% ABV - Half $4 | Full $8

Nectaron Pale Ale 6.0% ABV - Half $4 | Full $8

Pilsner 5.0% ABV - Half $3 | Full $7

RP Brand + Koru Green Vector file.jpeg

Richmond Plains Wine

Available at the Wine Stand inside the Energy Centre.

Richmond Plains is an organic wine making pioneer producing New Zealand’s first Certified Organic Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Owners Sam and Lars Jensen believe in making great wines by working with nature in their vineyard environment. By using organic methods they can truly express the vineyard’s character or terroir in the wines. The following wines will be available for $9 a glass:

Sauvignon Blanc 

Pinot Gris 


Pinot Noir 



Founders Cafe

Visit Founders Café for local award-winning craft beer and wine. Enjoy a full a la carte menu with comforting food, quality barista-made coffee, daily baking and welcoming service.  All situated within the unique grounds of Founders Heritage Park.