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Bohemian Cider


Original Cyn - 5.0% ABV V, GF  


This is the Cider you’ve been waiting for. The Cider that you had a torrid love affair within a past life. While most NZ cider is made from simple culinary apples, we’ve hand-harvested REAL cider apples to make REAL cider! Kingston Black, Slack Ma Girdle and Winter Banana are some of the 15+ different apples we’ve blended into this Cider. It’s wild, luscious and fruity, but with enough crispness and complexity to create a real deal flavour sensation. Needless to say, it’s also Supremely Sessionable!


Twig and Berries - 5.0% ABV V, GF


There’s something pretty amazing about the flavour combination of crisp organic apples, rich velvety berries, and creamy vanilla oak. We like to call this one our Firecider if you know what we mean. Combine the intriguing gooseberry and passion fruit flavours of South Canterbury Blackcurrants, together with hints of creamy vanilla and rose, settle back into that Velvet armchair by the fire and enjoy.


Tamarillo Amarillo - 5.0% ABV V, GF


Forget those boring hazy beers hipsters, this cider is proper next level cool. Call us crazy, we are, but the rich, savoury character of the tamarillo absolutely loves the tropical citrus notes of Hops. The Tamarillo also gives this cider an ethereal pink colour. Flavour innovation at its finest in a beverage you won’t experience every day.


Oatmeal Cookie - 5.0% ABV V


This is a bit of a flavour blind cider – who knew Cider could take you back to Nana’s baking or breakfast on a crisp winter’s morning? Warning: this beverage is very high in Ciderness yummy factor. Its a touch sweeter with the Oats giving a rich biscuity maltiness, while the lingering flavour of the cinnamon will have you back for another dram!


Acid Drop - 5.0% ABV V, GF


Ok people, here is some deep and meaningful tree to bottle action. We have taken some awesome Matakana citrus, infused the juice and zest into our luscious cider and created this little psychedelic Drop! Zingy, refreshing and perfect to accompany some local seafood and the sand between your toes. Buy the Cider, take the ride!


Capital Cider Co.



Festival Cider - So Fresh & So Clean - 5.4% ABV V, GF, DF 


Clean & fresh apple cider with clean & fresh watermelon.

Our festival specialty cider. 


Winning - 5.8% ABV V, GF, DF 


A deliciously refreshing trinity of citrus & botanical steeped in our clean, new world cider.


Love & Money - 5.6% ABV V, GF, DF


Step 1: Take our clean, new world cider.

Step 2: Add our special mix of local Nelson berries.

Step 3: Enjoy.


First Cab - 5.2% ABV V, GF, DF


A limited-edition cider in our range made from the Gravenstein apple. A sweet-sharp apple that with a classic apple aroma, reminiscent of ripe and waxy apples. The resulting cider is characterized by its perfume and juicy acidity. Apple flavours are boosted with a little residual sugar but the overall perception of the cider and its finish is dry.


Tokyo Rose - 6.2% ABV V, GF, DF   


A limited-edition cider in our range made from the Akane apple. Aromas of rose, jasmine, lychee & even some strawberry. To taste it is quite the fruit salad, lush & refreshing. Though sweet-fruited the overall perception of the cider and its finish is dry.

elementary cider Finale.png

Elemental Cider



2019 Dry Cider - 6.5% ABV V, GF 

A crisp cheeky cider that will tantalise your taste buds... made in the traditional way, with nothing added but real cider apples grown on the Kapiti Coast. Classic apple flavour with a fresh lingering finish.


2020 Premium Dry Cider - 6.5% ABV V, GF 

Not sweet as... A dry tangy cider made with real cider apples resulting in ripe apple and pear flavours and subtle ginger notes. This blend is an expression of our hot Otaki summer and traditional cider making techniques.  

Fortune Favours 



The Sunchaser - 4.7% ABV V, GF, DF


Freshly crushed Pacific Rose, Fuji and Royal Gala Apples combine with juicy Blueberries. This cider delivers crisp flavour with a medium finish.


The Brightsider - 4.7% ABV V, GF, DF


Made from freshly crushed Pacific Rose, Fuji and Royal Gala apples this is a medium dry cider.


Good George 



Doris Plum Cider - 4.5% ABV GF, DF

All the goodness of an apple cider married up with locally sourced Hawkes Bay Doris Plums. Hints of plum & fruit, with sweet and tart taste, makes this one dangerously refreshing. Doris Plum Cider looks a seductive magenta, and has aromas of plum, apple, and grape. On the palate, it’s sweet, tart, and very refreshing. 


Passionfruit Cider - 4.5% ABV GF, DF

We took our classic cider and warm conditioned with an incomprehensible amount of passionfruit pulp. Tart and juicy with an aromatic hit of tropical passionfruit perfectly balanced with apple sweetness. This one’s for kicking back and relaxing. Cheers! Passionfruit Cider looks pale and crystal clear, and has aromas of passionfruit and apples. On the palate it’s sweet, tart, and juicy.


Mango Haze Cloudy Cider - 4.5% ABV GF, DF 

Not to be outdone, our cidermakers have joined the haze craze that’s been sweeping the beer world. Hazy means unfiltered so you get a richer mouthfeel, and all the fruit flavour. Take a sip and descend into the haze. Mango Haze Cloudy Cider (4.5%) looks slightly hazy, and a tropical sunset gold. It has aromas of fresh, ripe mangoes and apple, and on the palate it’s sweet, slightly tart, and very juicy. 


Berry Haze Cloudy Cider - 4.5% ABV GF, DF

Blending raspberry, boysenberry and apple cider is a match made in Haze Heaven. We only lightly filter our hazy ciders to retain that full flavour and give you a burst of berries with every mouthful.

Real Good Mandarin & Lime - 4.5% ABV GF, DF

Real fruit, low sugar. Our seltzer is designed to bring natural flavour to your new summer bevy without the nasty stuff. Crafted using our unique triple flavour process to deliver an alcoholic seltzer with a twist of real mandarin and lime. It’s a grown-up soda like now other!

HHCC-Logo-Burnt Orange Transparent.png

Hairy Horse Cider Co.



The Thoroughbred - 6.2% ABV GF, DF, V

Refreshing dry crisp apple cider with a quick finish on the palate displaying champagne notes.


The Draught Horse - 5.7% ABV GF, DF, V

Contemporary cider of medium sweetness with notes of apple pie. A blend of dessert and cider apples with tannins, offering hints of a more traditional cider.


The Show Pony - 5.8% ABV GF, DF, V

Showcasing our heritage cider apples, matured in oak, a sweet cider balanced by the bold oak tannins and a hint of citrus giving it complexity.

Harvest Cidery Logo.png

Harvest Cidery



Harvest Apple - 4.7% ABV GF, DF, V

Draught cider has been blended to appeal.  Pale straw in colour, fresh with the aromatic quality of summer apples and the backbone of winter apples’ acidity.  At 4.7% alcohol, it has a balanced fresh, crisp flavour with length. NZ Brand and is made predominantly from Granny Smith and Braeburn apples sourced from the Gisborne and Hawkes Bay areas. Characterised by fresh fruity flavours with the balance being derived from a crisp acid finish.

Harvest Summer Citrus - 2.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Our Harvest Apple Cider mixed with fresh lemon juice, not concentrate, to create a refreshing low alcohol alternative for everyday occasions.  Sweet at first, with a full body and a clean and fresh citrus finish.  Lower alcohol but not lower flavour!

T&R Melon/Cucumber - 4.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Summer in a bottle.  The blend of Cucumber and Watermelon is unconventional yet, truly sensational. Slight pink colour with a fruity nose.  Juicy melon fills your mouth with a fresh and crisp finish from cucumber.

T&R Nashi/Passionfruit - 4.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Fresh apple cider at only 4% abv mixed with fresh nashi pear juice and real passionfruit.  Light, fruity and floral on the nose.  Leading into an upfront sweet palate from the nashi with a clean acid finish from the tart passionfruit.

T&R Strawberry/Lime - 4.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Apple Cider with a soft sweet strawberry burst blended with a dash of tangy lime. Our first Thomas & Rose blend that started the dream. 

T&R Apple/Ginger - 4.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Apple with a bite… The zing of infused ginger blended with crisp East Coast apples makes this a full-bodied drink. Strong ginger notes and palate with the fullness of apples to round it out.

Hemp Cider  - 6.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Aromas of dried flowers, hay and sweet tobacco with a hint of Turkish delight. A medium body with supporting tannin provides a refreshing finish.

Hendo’s Cloudy Cider  - 6.3% ABV GF, DF, V

Clean, super dry and true to the apples it came from. Light bodied and fresh as.

Left Branch Cider.JPG

Left Branch Cider



Apple - 5.3% ABV

Simply apple cider, slightly dry and sharp apple new world cider.


Real Boysenberry - 4.0% ABV

The true taste of fresh Tasman boysenberries on top of the apple base, dark rich colour, great in a vanilla ice-cream spider.

Ginger - 4.5% ABV

The ginger has selted please invert bottle, ginger lovers delight, Cider based with the taste of your mothers ginger beer recipe from a long time ago. 

Feijoa - 5.2% ABV

The true taste of Tasman feijoas.

Tropical - 4.4% ABV

The taste of the tropical islands, pineapple passionfruit and orange.


Morning Cider Co.



Cider Cider - 4.9% ABV

Crisp apple.

Apple IPA - 6.0% ABV

Hopped Cider.

The Lucky Taco - 4.9% ABV

Habanero, ginger, lemon & lime infused cider.

Strawberry Rosé - 4.9% ABV

Blackcurrant, peach, and strawberry cider.

Mussell Inn.png

The Mussel Inn



Apple Roughy - 5.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Made mainly from Granny Smith and Sturmer with a bit of crab apple. 100% hand-pressed at the Mussel Inn. Medium dry crowd pleaser.

Home Block - 7.5% ABV GF, DF, V

Made from 100% fruit grown and pressed at the Mussel Inn. Lots of sturmers, quite a few Grannies and a goodly amount of Wrights Scarlet crab apples. Dryish full apple flavour.

Freckled Frog - 5.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Technically fruit wine as it contains no apple. 100% Locally grown feijoa. Medium dry.

HotdogFish - 5.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Apple Roughy with a cayenne chilli added to the bottle.

Manchurian Swordfish - 10.5% ABV GF, DF, V

100% Manchurian crab apple from Riwaka - dry as the Gobi Desert and sharp as a Dao.

Red Herring - 5.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Apple Roughy with Tasman Blackcurrants - medium.

Apple Bee - Cyser - 7.0% ABV GF, DF, V

Apple Roughy lovingly blended with Golden Bay manuka honey mead. Medium sweet medium.

Old Mill Cider



Cider with Boysenberry - 0.5% ABV GF, V

Full of the sweet summer flavours and aromas of freshly picked berries, for your enjoyment anytime. Crafted from luscious Nelson grown fruit. No added sugar. Medium, sweet.

Crisp Apple - 0.5% ABV GF, V

Has all the refreshing bite, but with low alcohol, crafted from pink lady, granny smith and bittersweet cider apples from Nelsons fruit bowl, No added sugar. Medium.

Hazy Peach - 4.0% ABV GF, V

A lively refreshing cider blended with golden peach juice, capturing summertime in a bottle for you to enjoy chilled anytime. Crafted from luscious Nelson grown fruit. Medium.

KisU Scarlet - 5.0% ABV GF, V

Lively sparkling cider with a refreshing burst of raspberry flavour. Pressed Juice from sweet tadmor raspberries are combined with our crisp apple cider made from a blend of Moutere grown apples. Medium.

KisU Blonde - 5.0% ABV GF, V

Sparkling apple cider with a crisp and refreshing, sweet and tart apple taste, which comes from rich apples grown in Nelsons Moutere Valley, this delicious cider has no added sugar. Medium/dry.

Traditional Farmhouse Scrumpy Cloudy - 7.2% ABV GF, V

Made in the traditional English, West Country style, from only apples, in fact 12 varieties of cider, dessert and crab apples go into the crafting of this medium/ dry, lightly carbonated cider. No added sugar.

Traditional Farmhouse Scrumpy with Blackberry - 6.1% ABV GF, V

Made in the traditional old country style. Takes you back to autumn days foraging for blackberries, A medium/dry lightly carbonated cider bursting with rich berry flavour. No added sugar.

Ice - 11.0% ABV GF, V

Intense still ice cider, made using a special blend of sweet and tart Moutere grown apples and the magic of ice, used to intensify the apple juice prior to fermentation and resulting in a naturally sweet and slightly tart taste experience. No added sugar.

Old Mout Cider



Old Mout Festival Apple (Dry) - 6.8% ABV GF, DF

A special batch of Jonagold that has been matured in an oak barrique.

Old Mout Festival Pear  - 6.0% ABV GF, DF

A special release for this year’s festival that is sweetened with pear juice held back from this year’s harvest.

Old Mout Festival Rosé  - 6.0% ABV GF, DF

A true rosé cider made with red fleshed apples (Geneva and Red Love varieties).

Old Mout Scrumpy & Berry  - 7.4% ABV GF, DF

Our classic Scrumpy blended with summer favourites Boysenberry, Strawberry & Raspberry.

Old Mout Scrumpy & Blackcurrant  - 7.4% ABV GF, DF

A full-bodied style using the enduring marriage of blackcurrant with cider.

Old Mout Scrumpy & Tropical  - 7.4% ABV GF, DF

Summer is almost here! Scrumpy cider paired with passionfruit and pineapple.


Paynters Cider



The Huntress - 5.2% ABV GF, DF, V


A complex contemporary style cider. Fascinating herbal note of thyme and lemongrass. Flavours of comb honey, mandarin and dried apricot finish with the cleansing bitterness of cider apples.

Qyte Plummy - 4.2% ABV GF, DF, V


Cider where both plum and cider apples are boldly expressed. Plum and raspberry are vibrant on the nose. The palate is complex with plum dominating initially but cider apples finish strongly. 

The Pilgrim - 5.9% ABV GF, DF, V


Traditional cider with 25% undergoing maloactic fermentation. Aromas of baked apple, oak and vanilla. Taste is reminiscent of nutty amontillado sherry with cider apple tannins lingering on the end palate.  


Peckhams Cider



Orange-A-Tang - 5.5% ABV GF, DF, V

Based on a single variety Chisel Jersey cider aged in oak barrels for a year. Into this cider, we infused the hand-peeled zest of mandarins and tangelos grown in our citrus grove. A proper, off-dry cider that’s bursting with orange blossom, sherbet and marmalade.

Farmhouse - 5.5% ABV GF, DF, V

A complex, wild fermented blend of bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples from our orchard. Full-bodied with subtle farmhouse notes, ripe fruit and a mellow sweetness contained by a tannic finish. This cider conjures up oak tables, earthenware jugs and thatched roofs.

Reserve Dry - 6.7% ABV GF, DF, V

A complex, wild fermented, vintage cider made from a blend of bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples from our orchard. Flavours are apple peel and barnyard, texture buttery, finish bone dry with robust tannins and added complexity from barrel age.

Peckham’s Apple - 5.7% ABV GF, DF, V

This is an iteration of the first cider we created in our Upper Moutere cidery, and stems from our quest to create a go-to, medium-dry cider with plenty of character. Zesty and fresh with a touch of apple pie and subtle complexity from some great cider apples. 

Stoke Red - 6.3% ABV GF, DF, V

A single variety cider made from Stoke Red cider apples wild fermented in apple brandy barrels. A fruity, sherbety cider set against a background of apple brandy and oak. 

Kingston Sour - 8.0% ABV GF, DF, V

A single variety cider made from Kingston Black cider apples wild fermented in oak barrels. Sour notes reminiscent of a Spanish Sidra Natural. Unfiltered, enjoyably acetic, and a little too quaffable.

Gone West - 8.5% ABV GF, DF, V

Kingston Black apples macerated on their skins, then wild fermented and aged in fresh Bourbon whiskey barrels. Dry, strong, earthy cider with subtle whiskey notes.

Cayenne - 7.9% ABV GF, DF, V

Pure Kingston Black juice fermented with locally grown Cayenne chilli peppers. Each pepper was de-seeded to minimise heat and to let the Cayenne’s lovely capsicum flavours shine through into this full bodied, dry cider.

Ice Cider - 14.0% ABV GF, DF, V

The equivalent of a sweet dessert wine, this naturally concentrated ice cider has carefully balanced sweetness and acidity. Rich mouthfeel with intense apple and a long finish.

Pommeau - 17.0% ABV GF, DF, V

A blend of apple brandy made from our cider and the juice of Dabinett cider apples from our orchard. Aged in French oak for over three years. Strong, sweet and warming. Brandy, vanilla and toffee apple.


Rochdale Cider



Apple Cider - 4.5% ABV GF

Rochdale Classic Apple Cider is a sparkling straw colour, with crisp acidity balanced by the sweetness of tree-ripened apples. Full-bodied on the palate, it has a smooth finish with notes of buttery vanilla.

Ginger & Lime Cider - 4.0% ABV GF

Starting with a traditional cider base, made from the juiciest tree-ripened apples imaginable. We then add an infusion of ginger and lime, resulting in a sophisticated and refreshing brew.

3 Berries Cider  - 4.0% ABV GF

Blending the vibrant flavours of raspberries, boysenberries and blackcurrants with a delicious apple base. The result is a full-bodied yet delicately refined brew with a big, ‘jammy’ taste.

Strawberry Daiquiri Cider - 4.0% ABV GF

Sweet jammy strawberries, reigned in with a subtle rich flavour tang of passionfruit, complimenting a kiwi apple cider.

Mojito Cider - 4.0% ABV GF

Cool fresh mint balanced with sweet nelson apples and a wee light tang, refreshing and ‘moreish’.

Specialty Cider - Jungle Juice - 5.0% ABV GF

An exotic mash up of pineapple, guava and mango.


Scoundrels &  Rogues



Morally Bankrupt Pear Cider - 6.9% ABV GF, V


This Pear cider was barrel fermented, then aged 9 months before bottling. It’s made in a methode style, with a crisp palate, strong pear character, and a hint of sweetness. 

Perry-odic Detention Traditional Cloudy Perry - 5.9% ABV GF, V

This is a very limited release of traditional style perry made with Pears sourced from a 150 year old Perry tree just prior to the lockdown. The resulting cider was so tannic it had to be cross blended with Pear cider that had spent 2 years in barrel, resulting in a fruity yet dry Perry with a funky note. 

Bad Habit Cider - 6.4% ABV GF, V

This cider is made of a mix of traditional and desert apples giving it a rich full body. It was fermented with wild yeast and has spent an average of 2 years in barrel. A bad habit you can be proud of! 

Pleasantly Corrupted Cider - 8.6% ABV GF, V


This cider has had 1.5 years in barrel. It is a blend of dry and sweet batches, and of heritage and desert apples. It has impressive intensity, rich tannins, and a balanced sweetness.

Evil Genius Imperial Cider - 12.8% ABV GF, V


The Evil Genius represents a small barrel selection of the most complex and intense cider from 2018. With a rich character, hints of toffee apple and honey, the sweetness balances out natural acidity to give a crisp finish. 

Cold Shoulder Ice Cider - 10.1% ABV GF, V


This Ice Cider release is just a very small selection from the best barrels of freeze-concentrated juice. It is very sweet, with notes of toffee apple, tropical fruit, and honey, but balanced with great acidity and tannins.


Seismic Cider



Adams Temptation - 7.2% ABV GF, V, DF

A crisp semi-dry finish with notes of anise and cherry with earthy overtones and a fragrant fresh apple bouquet.

Shaddock - 7.2% ABV GF, V, DF

Pours with a vibrant golden hue. A clean semi-dry finish on the pallet. Notes of grapefruit peel, citrus flavours and a hint of spice.

Cider & Black - 7.6% ABV GF, V, DF

Acidic dark berry notes and juicy crisp apple. A floral bouquet and semi-dry finish. 

Ginger Pippin - 5.9% ABV GF, V, DF

Predominant ginger and honey notes with hints of lemon butterscotch and nectar. A creamy warm mouth feel. 

S & F - Cider Logo - Black Type White Ba

Sprig and Fern Cider



Apple Cider - 5.7% ABV


A medium sweet cider traditionally made using Nelson grown apples. Very refreshing with easy drinkability.

Mango & Lime - 4.0% ABV

As the old saying (almost) goes - ‘When life gives you mango and limes, make an awesome summer cider’. And so that’s exactly what we’ve done by creating our limited release Mango & Lime Cider. Packed with the sweetness of Magdalena mango from Colombia and the subtle balance of lime this fresh, delicious cider is sure to be as essential as jandals and sun-cream.

Berry Cider - 4.5% ABV


Tarty, vibrant and moreish...this is a ridiculously refreshing fruit cider combining tantalising berry fruits with an apple base to give you a mouth-watering deliciously fruity and award-winning cider. A Sprig & Fern classic!

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 9.38.45 AM.png

Teepee Ciders



The Earl’s Drop 2016 - 6.7% ABV GF, V, DF

Bottle fermented, method traditional or champagne style that describes The Earl’s Drop. 2 years on the lees, 3 years in maturing, it opens with a fine pop and the aroma of apples. There is a cascade of fine bubbles. The fruit comes bouncing through with a dry body  with a clean slightly biscuity finish. Tom Oliver - “The Earl’s drop is a celebration of sparkling cider”

The Earl’s Drop 2018 - 6.9% ABV GF, V, DF

Bottle fermented, method traditional or champagne style that describes The Earl’s Drop. 2 years on the lees, 3 years in maturing, it opens with a fine pop and the aroma of apples. There is a cascade of fine bubbles. The fruit comes bouncing through with a dry body  with a clean slightly biscuity finish. Tom Oliver - “The Earl’s drop is a celebration of sparkling cider”





The Beacon - 6.6% ABV GF, V, DF


Baked apple aromas, caramel & lime citrus zest with a crisp bittersweet finish. Predominant Apples: Kingston Black, Sweet Alford , Cidero.

Falling Fields - 6.0% ABV GF, V, DF


A blend of heritage cider apples, wind fallen when ripe. Earthy notes, cinnamon & honey spice with a hint of rustic farmhouse. Predominant Apples: Yarlington Mill, Sweet Alford, Chisel Jersey

Alms of the Sun - 5.7% ABV GF, V, DF


A friendly offering from the orchard bittersweets. Luscious aromas of ripe apple and dried citrus peel. Predominant Apples: Yarlington Mill, Sweet Alford, Tremletts Bitter.

The Ghost - 5.5% ABV GF, V, DF


A Spirituous & fleeting infusion of Juniper and Pink Grapefruit blended into a Medium-Sweet Cider. Predominant Apples: Kingston Black, Sweet Alford, Tremlettes Bitter. *A co-lab with The League Brewery

Zeffer Cider Co.png

Zeffer Cider Co.



Zeffer Crisp Apple Cider - 5.0% ABV GF, V, DF

A classic apple cider and the first we ever crafted. It’s dry, tangy, green apple goodness made from freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples.

Zeffer Plum Crumble Cider - 4.7% ABV GF, V, DF

Another tasty pudding-inspired cider crafted from freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples, dark juicy plums, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla and saffron. Last chance to try this limited release before it’s all gone!

Zeffer Red Apple Cider  - 5.0% ABV GF, V, DF

A lovely blush colour with toffee apple nose and off-dry sweetness. It’s the perfect all-rounder and tastes just like biting into a crunchy red Hawke’s Bay apple.

Zeffer Apple Crumble Cider  - 5.0% ABV GF, V, DF

A delicious cider and ingenious flavour. A Kiwi classic with many fans (and awards)! Crafted using freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples infused with cinnamon and vanilla. You’ll be a convert. 

Zeffer 0% Crisp Apple Cider - 0.0% ABV GF, V, DF

Our newest release – a refreshingly off-dry cider, lightly sparkling and full of flavour but with zero alcohol. Crafted from Hawke’s Bay apples, carefully fermented and deftly spun to remove the alcohol.

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