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Check out which Cider Makers are attending the 2023 NZ Cider Festival below!

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Paynter's Cider

The Paynter's Family arrived in New Zealand from the English West country in 1841. Soon thereafter, they started growing apples, firstly on the main road in Stoke, then (1904) just outside of Hastings.The Paynter's are the largest family-owned fruit company in the country, farming more than 700 hectares. Probably best known for their 'Yummy' brand of fruit which was launched in 1974.In 2006 Paynter's Cider owner, Paul Paynter saw some cider apples in a garden centre which got him thinking. Winemakers have a saying...'great wine is made in the vineyard' and if thats so then great cider is made in the orchard. He bought and planted trees and embarked on a journey to source every cider apple he could find in New Zealand...and the rest as 'they' history!

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